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What Sets Us Apart From Everyone Else?

You will find in our industry that most attorney services will give you 3 attempts for a set price. Integrity Legal Support Services will do a minimum of 5 attempts and in many cases, we have No Limit on the attempts. We truly want serve our clients with results, not just get paid and move on. ILSS also offers our Inland Empire clients up to 30 minutes of stakeout (if needed) included in your price. No one else in the industry does that.

How Do I Place An Order?

To place an order, you can choose one of the following options: 1. Complete the Order Form and be sure to attach the documents for service. Once we have received the Job Order we will review it and then invoice you via email for the cost of the service. You would then pay at the online link provided. You may also go to the Checkout page and there select the service required and make payment. The invoice must be paid prior to service. 2. Send us an email to IntegrityLegalserv@usa.com. Be sure to attached the documents for service and include your service instructions and contact/billing information. Once we received the email, we will review it and send you an invoice via email for the cost of service that can be paid online. The invoice must be paid prior to service. 3. You can mail the service documents to our office at 2026 N. Riverside Ave., Ste. C230, Rialto CA 92377. In the package include a cover letter with your service instructions, contact/billing information and a check for the services. If no check is in the package we will review and email you an Invoice for the cost of service that you can pay online. The invoice must be paid prior to service. We accept all for forms of payment including credit cards, checks or cash

What If No One Opens The Door/Avoids Service?

Believe it or not evasion of service is not all that uncommon. Most often the individual is eventually caught, although it may require multiple attempts, unusual hours, stakeout time and sometimes "outside the box" planning and execution. On those extremely rare occasions when every effort has been made and our options have exhausted the Law does provide certain remedies. The State of California does not allow us to kick the door down, but in many cases, they do allow us, after "Due Diligence", to serve another occupant at the residence/business over the age of 18 by "Substitute Service". If unsuccessful after making the required attempts, a "Declaration" can be filed with the court showing the Judge that there has been a diligent attempt to serve. The Judge can then determine an alternative Manner of Service depending on the type of document such as "Publication" (CCP 415.50) or "Post and Mail" or basically any Manner of Service (CCP 413.30) the Judge feels will satisfy the notification requirements

Committed To Excellence

Committed To Excellence

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Here is a small sample of some of the Southern California areas we proudly service: L.A., Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Chino, Corona, Fontana, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, San Diego, Victorville and Palm Springs.

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